About Hill and Knowlton Netcoms

On-line communications is no longer an option - the "net" is now mainstream. Started in 1994, when the Internet was still new outside a few digerati, H&K Netcoms is a global service line offering client solutions in the areas of:

  • Internet, Extranet, and Intranet, and
  • Communications, Community-building, and Commerce

Deploying our own global in-house resources and those of key external partners specializing in all aspects of e-communications, we produce on-line solutions including:

  • NetAudits, NetPanels and H&K RADAR to give essential mapping, monitoring and tracking of a brand's on-line presence
  • advice on managing on-line brand reputation -- from simple website recommendations to on-line marketing to advanced web strategies
  • designs, site architectures, plans and programs
  • managing H&K and supplier resources, microsites to full e-business executions; on-line marketing to integrated on-line/off-line communications programs
  • communications-led solutions including POOL, mobile POOL, RADAR, H&K KnowHow, shadow sites (crisis) and on-line marketing techniques
  • site analysis, webmaster peer groups, web clinics and bespoke and Internet panel research

For more information about Hill and Knowlton Netcoms, please visit http://www.netcoms.com or contact ncook@hillandknowlton.com.

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